Mahfuz Sadique
Photographer: GMB Akash

I am a journalist and writer, currently living in London. This is my personal blog, though it acts more as a digital storage for my writings (especially earlier print ones). Since 2007, I’ve worked for several outlets of BBC Global News – on the Newsdesk, producing stories on News and Current Affairs programmes for television/online/radio and presented/reported for television and radio. I entertained my interest in politics and policy with a Masters in Public Policy from King’s College London. I started, or rather stumbled upon, journalism while still at university in Bangladesh, spending more time in the smoke-filled newsroom (than in any classroom) of a  Dhaka-based young English-language daily – the New Age, as a Senior Staff Writer.  I have published fiction, accidentally. My favourite word, at the time of writing: ‘eventually’. If you fancy knowing what I am reading/writing/thinking more recently, follow me on Twitter: @MahfuzSadique.


One thought on “Who is this Mahfuz Sadique?

  1. Hey Mahfuz,

    Thanks for writing about my blog in your article. I only got to know about it when suddenly I was getting hits from the New Age site. It seems lot of people are visiting my “rather dry & technical” blog 😉

    Nice article, enjoyed reading it!

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